5 kinds of Christians

Branches in Christianity happened because people couldn’t agree on opinions with others. There can be little differences between the various branches, but they can also differ the way they pray. The approach and practice can differ.

Active Christians:

These types of Christians constitute 19% of the population of Christianity. The beliefs are simpler. They believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ and are committed churchgoers. They give much importance to the relationship between the church, and the believer. They are avid readers of the Bible, accept leadership positions, and acknowledge the role of the church in personal faith development. About 79% of them feel obligated to share their faith.

Active Christians

Professing Christians:

There is little difference between Professing Christians and active Christians. They are just 20% of the whole population. Instead of Chruch, they believe in a personal relationship between God, and Jesus. They believe salvation comes through Jesus, and are less involved with Church. They are less into Bible reading and sharing faith.

Liturgical Christians:

These types of Christians are mainly Catholic and Lutheran. Like Active Christians, they are regular churchgoers and are 16 %. They are highly spiritual and believe in the divinity of Jesus. They express this in the form of service to church and community hence recognize the authority of the Church as a mediator of faith.

Liturgical Christians

Private Christians:

These are the largest group of Christians at 24%. Most of the people in this group are young. In their practice, they are different. They certainly do believe in God, and doing good deeds. They are not avid bible readers but own it. They are spiritual but don’t necessarily believe in the church as a mediator. Only one-third of them attend church, and you can rarely find anyone who is a church leader.

Cultural Christians:

They are different in a matter of god, and personal relationship. They affirm many ways to god and don’t necessarily view Jesus as a way to salvation. They are the rest of 21 %. They have outward religious behavior, and most of them believe in god, and but have little personal involvement. They have a universal theology.

Cultural Christians

Private, and Cultural:

Out of the five groups, you will find that Private, and cultural Christians have so much in common. They are the reflection of the loss of generation that goes to church and believes in a personal relationship with God. They have different ways of understanding and interpreting the message. Furthermore, they may look divorced from the Christian community, but they are very much similar to the other Christians. However, they interpret their beliefs differently.


These are the main types of Christians that you can find. The individual difference can be there within the group, but in whole the belief is paramount. Furthermore, religion is something which has a different interpretation not just from time to time, but from person to person. This is what makes it different for everyone. The main beliefs are there, but the way you understand them and follow them is up to you.

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